First Time Sex Experience

By | July 1, 2018

One night Tommy went out to a nightclub, his first time going out since turning 21 and being able to legally drink. He happened to meet this sexy lady who was dressed like she was ready for anything. Little did Tommy know but she was an escort who worked for Eve London Escorts. She discreetly let him know what her price was and waited for his reply.

The two agreed to go to a nearby hotel room. The rooms were welcoming enough. They had cozy beds and beddings plus beautiful ceiling and wall lights. Upon entering, the lady quickly pushed Tommy on the bed and he fell on his back, and she then helped him remove his shoes and loosen his belt. All things were moving fast for him. The lady seemed entirely experienced with sex, and ready to go. The lady then threw her scanty dress on the floor and remained in her bra and panty. She tried kissing him and touching his sensitive sexual parts, but his reaction was somewhat vague. She asked him what the problem was. Now he had to confess that he was a newbie to sex. She smiled and told him she would take care of teaching him. So the lady started from the basics. She began by sucking his cock until he was nearly ready to orgasm.

Tommy felt little orgasm which grew gradually in him as the lady kept on with the magic. He felt his penis stand strong enough and that urge to penetrate it into a woman’s body engulfed him. The lady went on with the foreplay and Tommy was enjoying it all. Removing her panties, she then climbed on top of Tommy and inserted his penis in her. Tommy shouted, “Oh that’s feels so nice.” The lady kept on riding him, waving her body and doing a little massage on her breast. Tommy joined her and also held her on the waist sexily touching her hips.

Finally, Tommy got into the mood and overturned the lady. He had his penis straight and robust and penetrated the lady’s wet pussy with all his sexual zeal. The hailing and sighing’s of the lady psyched him up, and got into her deeper that she kept on shouting, “please don’t stop.” He loved it and couldn’t stop giving her the pleasure. Since that day, Tommy got groomed about sex. He walked like he knew it all that night as we drove home. At least he met an understanding woman who correctly introduced him.

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